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Small Voices Louder


We believe that sometimes, children are exactly what the world needs to hear.

Joyful. Innocent. Playful. Insightful. Critical. Brutally Honest.
They reflect us, don’t they?
And, seed a sense of responsibility for the future.

Small Voices Louder is a two part work.
The first part is an interactive installation that asks children social, political and philosophical questions.

The second takes these recorded answers and delivers them to adult ears through radio and public space.

Video of Part 1 during development :

Sound works as part of Perth Festival Premiere :

Lead Artist: Alex Desebrock
Designer (Part 1): Ben Landau
Sound Design: Thom Browning & Sharyn Brand.
Dramturgy: Dan Koop
Developing artists:  Ed Gould & Conor Fox & Robert Jordan &  Ryan Granger.
Mentor: Sara Topsøe-Jensen

Premiered at Perth International Arts Festival 2017
Produced by Performing Lines WA

Supported by The Arts Centre ,  Arena Theatre 130 Residency, Jump Mentoring, Carte Blanche,  Contact Inc, Hot House Theatre, City of Yarra, MATCH funding

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