Maybe ( ) Together


The Future Postal Service


drop into a hive of postal activity involving big questions, blue hats and random acts of kindness.

The Future Postal Service is a high energy and big thinking mail delivery game, capturing the thoughts of children and delivering them to adult’s eyes.

Like many of Maybe (  ) Together’s works, The Future Postal Service takes children’s voices into public space. Through a simple game of post, children transform an adult-dominated space into their play space.

To read more about the concepts behind the project, click here.

Premiered at Federation Square (Melbourne) in 2014.
Presented at Perth International Arts Festival (2015), Arts Centre Melbourne (2015) & Darebin Community Kite Festival.

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CREATORS: Alex Desebrock, Troels Lindenbjerg, Iben Lindenbjerg & Dan Goronszy.
ASSISTANT DESIGN: Ben Landau  Fed Square Logo - Black BG

Supported by City of Melbourne through the Arts Grants Program.

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What Does The World Need To Hear?

A sculpture. A megaphone. A soapbox. A chalkboard.
1 month.
1 question:
What Does The World Need to Hear?

This interactive public sculpture provides passers by with the opportunity to speak out and provide the content. The chalk board grows with rants, aphorisms, quotes, political statements and humorous jokes.

The simple question and accessible nature of the work encourage a diverse range of interactions and a reflection of the community in which it is installed.

This work premiered in Brunswick, Melbourne in September 2013.

During the month documentation and musings were placed on this website.

Concept & facilitation: Alex Desebrock
Chalkboard design: Kathy Holowko & Alex Desebrock

This project was supported through the City of Moreland.

aMoment Caravan

A public sculpture. An interactive artwork.
With headphones on, this stunning immersive work takes people one at a time
on a personal journey of future gazing and big questions.

  • typewriter mild hipster typewriter mild hipster
  • kids and caravan kids and caravan
  • me sitting me sitting
  • DSC_2899 DSC_2899
  • DSC_2822 DSC_2822
  • case case

“I cried. It was bittersweet and I came out feeling fragile, like my mere idea of myself is as
fragile as my tissue paper future self that now lives on in that caravan. So magical.
Fuck I love Art.’ – audience member

FOR: urban space & city streets, arts festivals, music festivals
and week-long residencies in suburbs and regional towns.

Concept, dramaturgy and caravan interior by aMoment.
Caravan design & build by Kathy Holowko.
Music by Amiina.
Photographs by Sarah Walker.

Presented: City of Melbourne, Harvest Festival, White Night Melbourne, Sustainable Living Festival, Sydney Festival, Wodonga. Sydney Road Festival & various community festivals.

The World’s Smallest Boat Race


This Captain rules her tiny ocean.
On the look out for dreamboats and smooth sailor-ladies, she’ll find the wind for your sails…

An interactive experience for two strangers at a time involving paper boats, water, a mini storm and sturdy lungs.

FOR: special events & openings. Perfect for parties.
AVAILABLE: Now & at short notice.

  • tipsy_boatrace-10 tipsy_boatrace-10
  • tipsy_boatrace-16 tipsy_boatrace-16
  • tipsy_boatrace_24 tipsy_boatrace_24
  • tipsy_boatrace-48 tipsy_boatrace-48

A Little Piece

Enter a very special little show…littlepiece (7)

Harry is a grumpy toy hedgehog that’s flung out of the bedroom and into the world of lost socks, missing teaspoons and strayed keys….

As a metaphor for change in our own lives, whether it’s a redundancy, a relationship breakdown or an eviction notice – these objects, like us, have found strength and happiness in the new.

A Little Piece is for 6 people at a time in a 2x2m little house. As puppeteers manipulate from the outside – audience open cupboard doors to reveal tactile worlds and the next part of the story.

Suitable for children aged 3 and up and their families.

littlepiece (32)Premiered at Melbourne Fringe 2009. Presented at ArtPlay and The Arts Centre in 2010.

Currently available for touring.

Writer/Director: Alex Desebrock
Design: Ben Landau
Assistant Design: Emily Adinolfi & Braden Keir
Sound: Kirri Buchler
Lighting: Christine Scott-Youn
Animation: Braden Keir
Harry puppet: Britt Veitich
Performers (varied moments): Samantha Hill, Rennie Watson, Jacob Williams, Conor Fox & Justine Warner.