Maybe ( ) Together

aMoment Caravan

A public sculpture. An interactive artwork.
With headphones on, this stunning immersive work takes people one at a time
on a personal journey of future gazing and big questions.

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“I cried. It was bittersweet and I came out feeling fragile, like my mere idea of myself is as
fragile as my tissue paper future self that now lives on in that caravan. So magical.
Fuck I love Art.’ – audience member

FOR: urban space & city streets, arts festivals, music festivals
and week-long residencies in suburbs and regional towns.

Concept, dramaturgy and caravan interior by aMoment.
Caravan design & build by Kathy Holowko.
Music by Amiina.
Photographs by Sarah Walker.

Presented: City of Melbourne, Harvest Festival, White Night Melbourne, Sustainable Living Festival, Sydney Festival, Wodonga. Sydney Road Festival & various community festivals.

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