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A Little Piece

Enter a very special little show…littlepiece (7)

Harry is a grumpy toy hedgehog that’s flung out of the bedroom and into the world of lost socks, missing teaspoons and strayed keys….

As a metaphor for change in our own lives, whether it’s a redundancy, a relationship breakdown or an eviction notice – these objects, like us, have found strength and happiness in the new.

A Little Piece is for 6 people at a time in a 2x2m little house. As puppeteers manipulate from the outside – audience open cupboard doors to reveal tactile worlds and the next part of the story.

Suitable for children aged 3 and up and their families.

littlepiece (32)Premiered at Melbourne Fringe 2009. Presented at ArtPlay and The Arts Centre in 2010.

Currently available for touring.

Writer/Director: Alex Desebrock
Design: Ben Landau
Assistant Design: Emily Adinolfi & Braden Keir
Sound: Kirri Buchler
Lighting: Christine Scott-Youn
Animation: Braden Keir
Harry puppet: Britt Veitich
Performers (varied moments): Samantha Hill, Rennie Watson, Jacob Williams, Conor Fox & Justine Warner.



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